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Ask the Pharmacist We are here to help and advise you. At Treacy's Pharmacy, we see ourselves as an important part of your healthcare team next to your GP. If you have any questions about your medication after you leave the doctor's surgery, then the Pharmacists at Treacy's Pharmacy can answer them for you.

We can tell you how and when to take your medicine, whether a new medicine may change how another medicine you are taking works, and any side effects you might have.

We can also answer any questions you may have about over-the-counter medications.

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5 point plan to deliver better health service for customers

Open Door Policy

Increased access for patients to healthcare by utilising pharmacists earlier in the health life cycle of the patient.

Access to Chronic Disease Management

Patients to have access to professional assessment through pharmacies by monitoring of potential symptoms and identification of pre-disposure to certain illnesses.

Provision of Vaccination Service

Patients to have the choice to receive vaccines such as the flu vaccine through their local pharmacy.

Medicines Management

Patients to have access to a strategic, ongoing medicines management regime where pharmacists check for drug overlaps and monitor supply of medications provided to patient through Government Schemes.

Health Promotion

Patients to benefit from health promotion services through pharmacies including smoking cessation, weight management and diabetic and cholesterol screening to help create a healthier society overall.